posts might be a bit erratic until after Christmas - and then I have to get some serious painting done - my new years resolution!

so in the meantime, another snowflake. :>) Sherrie you have a lot to answer for! this is addictive


Interesting Blog. I am a painter/writer/student and I appreciate other artist's blogs from around the globe. My own blog is more of a family blog rather than a work blog.
Sherrie Y said…
Mwah ha ha ha! (Was that manical enough for you?) Just to add to your troubles, I have tagged you with the Arte y Pico Award! Details at

It'll give you something to do after the holidays. ;-)
Jeanette said…
I love these snowflakes. I can see how they become addictive. You can have a whole bunch of real ones here if you like. :)

I have a lot of serious painting to tackle and I'm dying for Christmas holidays - not because its Christmas, but because I get a week and a half to paint and draw!
Love these snowflakes. I can imagine this to be VERY addictive, yes.
vivien said…
Thanks Melissa :>)

Sherrie I'm off to check! and thank you :>)

Jeanette I'd just die with the winter weather you get! even with our milder winters I want to hibernate.

Painting :>) sounds good

Hi Ronell :>)

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