North Norfolk photographs

Lindsay did such a great slide show on our new Watermarks blog that I thought I'd show one of one of the areas that I paint. This is the nearest coastline to me at 100 miles.

You can see an aerial view of part of the north coast of Norfolk on Paintmap, showing where some of my work was done.


These are really excellent Vivien - It also makes looking at your work a richer experience
Lindsay said…
This is just beautiful! It's really nice to see the area and yes, it does remind me of some parts of Lake Michigan (minus that wonderful tide and salty smells.)I recgonise some of the photos from the paintings you've made.
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

I've done one just of the beach at Mawgan Porth that I'll show next week - about changing time,tide, weather and light
Anonymous said…
What beautiful land. The light is so very different to here. And the beaches are, something..., more tidal maybe? I can't identify it yet.
vivien said…
I think it's maybe because the beaches shelve very very gradually Cath?

It means the tide goes out a loooooong way and leaves lots of shallow flat areas of water shining - In Cornwall with its high cliffs and beaches that shelve much more steeply the tide doesn't go out so far and the fiercer wave action on the sand scours deeper pools and channels, which are very different.

It's also on the east coast which has a very different light from the south/west coast of Cornwall.

I'll show the Cornish coast soon for comparison.
dinahmow said…
How shall I get my windows cleaned now! The other day, I reinstated Google Earth (dumped it cos I was wasting time!)and now look!
Seriously, this is an ideal way for artists unfamiliar with other folks' home areas to get more of an insight.
vivien said…
who wants to clean windows!

it is interesting to see the different places isn't it?

and Cornwall is very very different - I'm going to do a slide show for that area soon.
This brings back nice memories Vivien.We lived in Felixstowe, Suffolk a few years ago..It is special!
vivien said…
really? you travel a lot Ronell :>) small world
Kelly Marszycki said…
Vivien -- I was drawn to your blog because of an entr(ies) you had made regarding Shirley Trevena. Then I saw the announcement about Waterways -- wonderful! Water is amazing and endlessley seductive, isn't it? I tend to paint the Connecticut River here in New England. There's something about water and sky and the reflective qualities. Again, congratulatons (and I enjoyed your thoughts about S. Trevena -- gotta love her!).
annie said…
Happy to see the landscape around you on your slide show. I really get off on that slide show-- and I am glad many are using it now. It and Paintmap help place the settings, especially for us who haven't visited the area.
vivien said…
Thanks Annie :>) - I enjoy it when other people show the landscapse they paint in this way, I agree it does add to the experience

Kelly I'm glad you like our new blog :>) I visited your site - lovely - and will certainly visit again :>) There definitely is something magical about water, reflections and sky

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