Watermarks launches today

Sennen Cove, digital image, Vivien Blackburn


Our new group blog Watermarks launches today! You are cordially invited to come and take a look. Members are a really talented, interesting and varied group from around the world.

Watermarks is about seascapes, rivers, canals, lakes, streams, ponds, fountains and more, and the different mark making we all use to describe what interests us in our subject matter, light, the people there, a sense of place, abstracting from the subject - all of us with different intentions, media and visual language.

We plan to show work, talk about work in progress, artists that interest us, materials - anything and everything to do with our work about water.

So come and visit Gesa, Laura, Lindsay, Jeanette, Katherine, Ronell, Sarah, Tina, and I and welcome :>)


Beautiful as always vivien!
vivien said…
Thanks Ronell :>)
Lindsay said…
Yea! We are up and running with lots of positives.

This painting is just beautiful. Your deep affinity for the water really shines here.
vivien said…
looking good isn't it Lindsay :>)

I love that last loose monochrome sketch of yours
Anonymous said…
Been there, bookmarked it, pleased for all of you - and for your followers. Cool, cool, cool :-)
Anita said…
How lucky you all are to be in such a group, I'm more than a little envious. Was thrilled to find Tina Mammoser's blog through the new group - she has long been a favourite artist of mine.
annie said…
I love the light in this, Vivien. I dropped in and left a message on your new WATERMARKS. This is so exciting. I subscribed immediately.
Lindsay said…
vivien said…
rob ijbema said…
congratulations on the new water group,the blog looks good and so does your painting...is it only girls allowed?

love the childerens illustrations,sweeeeet!
vivien said…
Hi Rob - thanks :>)

no it wasn't a conscious decision to exclude the boys! it's just that some of us knew each other and chatted a bit online and we knew each others work

We decided to give it about 6 months and then decide whether we want the group to grow - a little? a lot? or keep it small and friendly - we've got lots of plans for interesting stuff coming up :>)

I really enjoy your work and envy you living in such a beautiful area - I love Wales.

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