Monday, December 15, 2008

Russian dolls update

Today I varnished the Russian Dolls - you can see them here

As they were done experimentally in felt pen line with Polychromos coloured pencils to add the colour, I was a bit worried in case the varnish smudged them. It didn't at all :>) They were absolutely fine.

They need another coat and then they can be wrapped.

What have you made for friends and family for Christmas?


Anita said...

I love your dolls. Maybe when my daughter starts a family, I might do something like this.
Every year I swear I am going to make all sorts of gifts for my family and every year I don't.

muddy red shoes said...

love those dolls Viv, they will treasure them. I made a tiny felted robin with flappy wings tree ornament, last night to pop into my folks parcel, took half an hour and I didnt photo it but might make some more. I like to make decorations to go with presents.

Trevor Lingard said...

Lovely presents..Wouldnt mind one myself!
I am afraid I am not a good shopper especially at chrismas time. But I have to make sure my wife gets a nice prezzy.
Do have a lovely christmas.

vivien said...

Thanks Anita :>) I'm enjoying the recent series of paintings - I simply haven't had time to do much painting :>(

Sarah thanks :>) - those felted figures you've been making are gorgeous! I hope you do show us the robin after Christmas

Trevor Happy Christmas to you too