Digital image, playing in photoshop: Winter woods

Another digital image done at the same time as the previous one. I need to find out how to do solar plates as I'd love to do some prints from some of the digital work. Can prints be done without an etching press from solar prints? I wonder .....


Billie Crain said…
My God, Vivien..this is gorgeous! I hope you figure out the solar thing.
vivien said…
thanks Billie :>)

me too

I think I may have to find the time and cash to rejoin the print workshop (a bit of a money pit :>( (
ian said…
You can make a relief version of a solar plate that can be printed like a lino cut. You don't use the half tone screen so solid areas are washed away completely once exposed.
Jean Spitzer said…
This and the preceding image are wonderful. I don't even know what the solar thing is, but good luck with it.
vivien said…
thanks Jean

and thanks Ian - I need to look into that, it sounds perfect

do you by any chance have a link to something about the process?
kim denise said…
wow, Vivien, I love this!! It has been years since I've had time to actually catch up with my online art friends, but now I do, so expect to see more of me! I'm a full-time artist now--a little scary but what a pleasure! Hope you are well. Looking forward to staying informed on your inspiring work!
my croft said…
Are you familiar with the pebeo line of paints? I used their setacolor paints once in a class about surface design for fabric. These will sun print if left out with a mask over the paint. I don;t know how -- or if -- they'd work on another substrate. (I hope I've understood properly what you mean by solar printing . . . I'm not very sophisticated about these things.)

vivien said…
Hi Kim

I'd left your blog bookmarked and I was really pleased to see you blogging again - with some gorgeous work :>) I'll follow with interest

Congratulations on being a full time artist

Melanie I've heard of Pebeo but never used it. I really have to try to find time to research solar printing.
vivien said…
ok - links to solar printing I've found:


difficulty of getting materials



what is ...


report on process

blog how to

my croft said…
I asked Dinahmow about this today (she's in NY for a few weeks, Ilive here) and she reminded me that I was confuse dsolar plate printing with cyanotype. The pebeo setacolor paints can have a cyanotype effect.
vivien said…
thanks for the update :>)
caseytoussaint said…
These are really something, Vivien. I hope you find a way to create prints from them.
vivien said…
thanks Casey :>)

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