Flower abstract: watercolour and mixed media

 Abstract flower, A3 on Khadi paper with watercolour and mixed media

Untitled as yet - any ideas?

I went to an artist's talk last week and she demonstrated how she did her large scale flower paintings.  A good talk but  I wasn't keen on her methods or results - too methodical and literal for me, involving tracing photographs and carefully colouring in between the lines with layers of the same colour - but it did make me feel like doing another abstracted flower painting and just playing with colour.  So instead of working on the seascapes, I did this.  It's still subject to change!  there may be updates.

Possible crop?

It's based loosely on a slightly smaller pastel I did some years back.   That was loosely based on some beautiful bearded iris in the garden of a house in France we'd stayed in.

The A3 Khadi paper I used is very absorbent and the paint sinks into it.  It also has a strong woven sort of texture.  The jury is still out - I'm not sure if it's one I'd buy again.  It's heavy and doesn't buckle, a strong plus point.  I'm afraid I never stretch watercolour paper so that's important to me.   The paint does really sink into it though, which for some paintings isn't what I want.

I used watercolour with touches of Caran d'Ache Neocolour II and a little gouache and coloured pencil.  The Caran d'Ache were mostly used dry to draw the opaque lines over paint layers, occasionally edges were softened with water..

So ... to crop or not to crop?  Title?   feedback welcomed!



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