caran d'Ache Neocolour II

I wish I could find my tin of Caran d'Ache - I was reminded of them recently when I was looking through some sketchbooks. I'd like to dig them out and use them again but simply can't think where I've 'safely' put them .

I was out sketching trees with a friend and did these of some birch tree trunks - I think the eyes are created when a branch is broken off or eaten by the deer? rabbits? - these particular trees were really quite spooky as the more you drew the more you were aware of these eyes all over them - watching! I haven't exaggerated them - this is really how they are.

At first sight I thought the Caran d'Ache would be a bit bright and unsubtle - but they are really lovely to use and you can get subtle colour mixes and washes. They are water soluble and look at first sight like childrens wax crayons, chunky and suitable for working on a large scale. This sketch book was an A4 - about 11x8.5 inches or something close to that.

I want to find them to try combining them with normal coloured pencils and see how that works - I think it would be rather interesting.

I played with the sketches in photoshop later and this is one of the results. They've not been used in paintings - I think those eyes staring out wouldn't be very comfortable!


edit° said…
When you come to using your Caran d'Ache doodahs it might be interesting to use watercolour pencils over the top of a freshly washed area as well as coloured pencils.

Loving how earthy the drawings are, scrummy :)
vivien said…
Thank you and that sounds like fun - first find the wretched things! One of my friends had some and hated them - I wonder if she wants to sell them??

I've just left a message on your blog! I love the big drawings you are doing - oh to have that sort of space again :(
Lindsay said…
Vivien, your sketches have presence! Love the photo shop play too. I'll have to dig mine out again too. I discarded them after trying them becasue of the color issues. But maybe I'll have to try them again.
vivien said…
yes, do give them another chance - I really enjoyed using them and I'm sure you would.
jafabrit said…
oh those eyes are sooooooooo spooky, I love it. My mum swears by Caran d'Ache, has used them for years.
vivien said…
a family of artists? cool

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