sketch clubs and beaches and mixed media

I was asked to give a talk at a local amateur art group (small) and refused a straight talk but agreed to take work and sketchbooks to show and do a demo of some techniques, rather than finished work, followed by a workshop with help and advice - people love hands on don't they? and I wouldn't be comfortable talking for 2 hours about me!

So I did a couple of doodles to show how things worked with mixing media. This one was showing them how oil pastel as a resist with W'col is great - later I added CP and pencil to show the effects ....and finished it off this morning. 6x8 inches.
I hadn't actually intended it to be a finished piece, just a demo of techniques, but it was working reasonably well so carried on with it.
.... then another one throwing the same mix of media adding chalk pastels.
I paint plein air at the coast a lot so was drawing on memories of light and colour, wet pools and the colours of damp sand
These are much more finished than the group saw - I'm going to email the group leader a link here to see the finished pieces.
I do like mixed media, you've got all that extra visual vocabulary to draw on - all the different marks and potential of each medium.
I've also done a bit more work on the large seascape on canvas and will post progress on that another day.
.... and WHY does blogger lose your spaces between paragraphs as you publish? it is very very annoying!


jafabrit said…
I bet they enjoyed your talk. I think your type of talk is far more useful and enjoyable.
Yes, those paragraph spaces are sometimes elusive. I think if you go to html mode when writing your post and add the space it stays.
Lindsay said…
I really wish I had been there at your demo to cheer you on and to learn. This is beautiful!
vivien said…
thanks both of you :)

and thanks jafa for that tip - I'll remember that when it plays up again, it drives me mad!

I know I always enjoy 'hands on' type talks more and from what I see the rest of the audience does too.

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