Later in the year I need some work for an exhibtion where the subject is reflections and I wondered if it was worth looking through my photographs to see if there was anything there I would want to work from.

As I've said before, I don't normally work from photos but I fancy giving it another go - I knew I had some images that I like and maybe .....

Anyway these are the images that I found quite quickly that would meet the brief. I love the coast so naturally a lot of them are to do with the sea :>)

I really liked these seagulls waiting for the incoming tide on a grey afternoon. I like the subtle limited range of colours - watercolour and CP???? Watercolour and pastel?

Then there is the boat lying beached on the wet mud with all the lovely sky blues in the reflection of the sky - something out of nothing.
Or the boat in the harbour with the lovely old stone walls - pastel and charcoal over acrylic or watercolour? It's the busiest of the images with all the people jostling along the harbour wall.
Or the contre jour image of the pools of water in a saltmarsh harbour - a colour photograph though it barely looks it. Again, like the seagulls, I'd keep the colours in a very limited range.
Or the image from the allotments series with its complex reflections in the windows of a shed with reflections of the surroundings and sky and things seen and half seen through the dirty peeling windows.
This one seems to need charcoal and a largish sheet of paper.

I thought maybe working from the image on the computer screen, rather than from a flat photograph - it worked quite well with the kitten sketch.


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