sunset in the shires

Done on the way to the evening class I was teaching, I had some spare time and the sunset was lovely.

I only had those skin tone Lyra pencils and Moleskine to draw it with, so I sketched with them, making colour notes and then added the extra colour later (blue, purple, orange, yellow and green) - using the coloured pencils in the art room at the college - they were nasty scratchy Verithins so not as nice to use at all.

It fixed the scene in my memory though.

I'm wondering whether our local pastel society allows coloured pencils in the exhibition - I have to have 3 for a show coming up and it would be nice to include a CP one if it was allowed - charcoals and conte are allowed - it's more about being a dry drawing medium - so I wonder? I'll have to make enquiries.


Ester said…
this is so beautiful!
vivien said…
thank you Ester - I checked out your blog and there's great work there. I like artists books as well and have made a few - yours sound good.
jafabrit said…
I love seeing what you put in your sketchbook.
vivien said…
thanks jafa :)

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