sketch of the crowd at the Renoir exhibition and a moleskine sketchbook

A quick sketch of the crowd at the Renoir exhibition - done at the time in biro and coloured later with those Lyra 'skin tones' set of coloured pencils - I really like them :>) - these are on loan from the college I work at but I must buy a set. They have a lovely range of colours from honey, through siennas, cool browns, dark browns, honey and an almost caput mortem - that dead purple (literally dead head in Latin from the colour of corpses!) that's ideal for some shadows.

The tiny lady with the bun at the front I just had to draw! She had so much character, She had a hunched back and this suit with incredibly wide shoulders and that lovely cottage loaf bun hairstyle.
I was exhausted by then, sitting listening to the headphones on the benches and trying work up the energy to move on :>)
Incidentally, this is my first sketch in a moleskine sketchbook - as people kept raving about them I thought I'd try one. On the first page I simply tried out scribbles of the different media I might want to sketch in to see how they worked. Most did. It's no good with willow charcoal though, far too smooth and shiny for it, which makes it scratchy. I decided pencil, charcoal pencil, ink and wash with very little water, ink pen, biro and coloured pencils all worked really well. So far I like it :>). I do like the way it opens so flat, the elastic band to hold it shut, the little pocket for bits and pieces - but a larger size would be nice as I don't usually work as small as even the larger moleskine. I don't like the price! they are rather expensive.


MrsSnowy said…
Congratulations on your new Moleskine - I'm always intimidated by mine and use my second-best sketchbook instead. Those coloured pencils look fabulous in your hands. Lovely blogs. Hopefully I'll get back after the WC pastel class!
vivien said…
thank you :D well it was a bit intimidating - especially as Katherine had been sketching all day in hers!

It does take CP's really well
N. Hyde said…
I love this! It makes me feel like I'm there. Nice job and great blog!

vivien said…
thank you :)
Kate said…
Your sketch is charming - you've caught the spirit of the lady with the bun. Your description made me smile.

I liked the name, caput mortem - what a description!

I've added your blog to my 'paint' links because I like the way you paint and write.
vivien said…
thank you Kate :>)

I love that embroidered hanging you've shown on your blog, it's gorgeous!

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