moleskine, lyra pencils and kitten

I should be getting on with all sorts of other stuff but couldn't resist playing a bit more with the moleskine and lyra pencils.

This is from a photograph taken when this little monster was really tiny,

The colours of the skin tone set are perfect for her fur.

The moleskine is really nice to use with coloured pencils, I like the smooth surface and the ease of rubbing out to draw back into colours.

I don't use coloured pencils in the way that many people do, I'm not interested in creating a painterly smooth finish with no paper showing - I like to use them freely, in a scribbly way, more as a drawing medium, using the paper as another element.

Incidentally, she may look sweet but she was busy chewing my husband's fingers with very sharp little fangs!


MrsSnowy said…
This is just wonderful, Vivien. I too am supposed to be doing other things, but when I saw this great little character sketch in the WC sketching thread, I just had to applaud.
vivien said…
thank you :D

reading and chatting is a bit too addictive!
jafabrit said…
I really get a sense of the kittens fur and want to ruffle it. Really nice.
vivien said…
thanks jafa - I really wanted to get that and the fragility

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