Kurt Jackson

image: Kurt Jackson

I mentioned yesterday that KJ has a new book out, with his paintings of the Thames, from its source to the sea. They look amazing. I've treated myself to the book and can't wait for it to arrive :D

Another book on my 'want' list is the one with his paintings of Cornish hedgerows. Do take a look. This is one example, not my favourite as a painting, but very typical of the quantity of flowers.

Cornish hedges are something very special. They aren't simple hawthorn+ hedges like a lot of the country but high stone walls with earth banked up and they are a mass of wild flowers, Do read the description of them on the page with the paintings. It explains them perfectly. http://www.kurtjackson.co.uk/Kurt_jackson_exhibition_the_cornish_hedge.htm

In Spring they are full of primroses, bluebells, wild garlic, campion and more. I lived in Cornwall as a child and loved them. The lanes are narrow, often only one car wide so they are 'up close and personal'.

So, the combination of one of my favourite artists and one of my favourite places is irrestible. I love his paintings of the coast there as well. He catches the place brilliantly.

He paints with passion and excitement, with bold marks and colours - but always controlled, though they are so free, catching the light, weather. mood and spirit of a place - just look at the light on the water in seascapes and rivers - dramatic and amazing.

I like the way he works in series - something I like to do as well. That way a subject can be explored in depth, looking at different aspects, times of day, seasons, weather, different scales - wide views to close ups of flowers or stones.

He also has a depth of knowledge about the plant and animal life of an area, its geology and history, all adding to the paintings, which often have writing on such as 'gulls calling, a fox passing' - things that happen while he's working - adding to the atmosphere to me.

hedgerows: http://www.kurtjackson.co.uk/Kurt_jackson_exhibition_the_cornish_hedge.htm

ponds, pools and puddles http://www.kurtjackson.co.uk/Kurt_jackson_ponds_pools_puddles.htm

The Thames Project http://www.kurtjackson.co.uk/Kurt_jackson_the_thames_project.htm


MrsSnowy said…
Thanks for that wonderful link to Kurt Jackson's work, Vivian. I'm going to have to put aside an hour or so to look at all those fabulous paintings. Is it mixed media?
vivien said…
I'm glad you liked them - I love his work and his aims and anarchy I'm in tune with :) in mine.

yes, most of his work is described as mixed media.

If you google his name you'll find lots of other stuff too - he's a real worker and prolific.

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