last light, moleskine and coloured pencils

I should be doing lots of things instead but I wanted to draw - so I did :) ... and now I have to face the dirty dishes, pile of washing and tidying up :(
I did this from a combination of the sketches I did on the beach at sunset and memory. I've done a series of works from those sketches - in oil, pastel and digital images. It was interesting to see just how intense and dark it's possible to go with coloured pencils. I think they hold up well in comparison with other media.
I'm speeding up with them and can now imagine sketching more with them plein air. I think they'll feature more often in my sketchbooks in the future.
It was done with a mix of Polychromos, Lyra and cheapo Tescos coloured pencils and one Derwent. I like the heavier waxier Polychromos and Lyra - in future I'll know which to go for. Luckily I took the advice of expert CP users and bought quite a few polychromos - the Derwent is an old one, though it's good I don't like it as much.
The moleskine doesn't erase as cleanly as cartridge paper with these I notice.
Tomorrow I'm off to London to see the Watercolour Exhibition at the Mall Galleries with Glen and we will meet up with Katherine there. Then it's decision time - to see the Manet to Picasso exhibition nearby at the National Gallery or zip over to the Royal Academy to see the Monet drawings.


Casey Klahn said…
Look at those beautiful colors! Great stuff,Vivien.
vivien said…
I'm so glad you like it - it had very mixed reactions on WC! - I was even asked if I was alright by a really kind member who was worried I was severely depressed :) - I thought it was lovely of him to worry - but no! it's just late evening/early night

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