across the beach, last light, monochrome, Vivien Blackburn

I was having a play in PS with this painting and after cropping, simplifying, darkening and tweaking I took the colour out - I like this and plan to do some large charcoal drawings.

When I started that painting using charcoal I did intend to keep the colour quite minimal and to make the charcoal do most of the work - but got seduced by colour!
I'm off to find my charcoal.



Suzanne said…
I love this composition, the splashes of waves and the way the top of the bluff runs into the sky.
vivien said…
thanks Suzanne - I feel like doing a really large drawing - but then I think aaaagghhh framing costs! I've got some left of a big roll of Fabriano paper so could go up to about 4ft 6in with that - or was it 4ft? it's ages since I drew that big.
Suzanne said…
Arrrgh right back about framing costs! I am running low on mats and backing and am in the midst of some large pieces (16 x 22) which means matting to 24 x 30. Even the 8 x 10s go to 16 x 20, well... needless to say, it's time to sell more paintings!

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