update on seascapes, works almost finished

Sunset, incoming tide. Vivien Blackburn. mixed media on canvas

This one is virtually finished. Some of the colours aren't showing very well, like the greenier blue on the underside of the waves. It's now hanging above the sofa so that I can decide if I'm going to do anything further to it. That's its working title, which may stick. I'd said these smaller canvasses were 30 inch squares and I've realised they are probably 24 inch squares - maths never was my thing! I do know for sure the bigger ones are 40 inch squares :)

Through the Dunes Nightfall. Mixed media on 40 inch sq canvas. Vivien Blackburn

This is still wet and so the light is catching the wet paint a little but I'm not planning to do much more to this. (the curved shape on the lower left hand edge is something in front of the canvas and not part of the painting)

The other 40 inch canvas is also virtually finished.

The disastrous one of the last post has had the sky/clouds sanded down and repainted. I moved the horizon down and repainted the sky and clouds and it's looking much better :) It's too wet to photograph and I'm planning to glaze thin oil colour over the apricot sky and sand to get the glow and then I'll post it.

There are another 2 canvasses that I'm juggling alongside these that aren't yet finished. I'll post those later.

I was going to go to the London Art Fair today in Islington - I had free tickets - but due to me dying of the dreaded lurgy I couldn't go :( - I'd planned to meet up with Katherine of Making a Mark - so I'm relying on her giving me a report on it and hope she got the tickets I sent on in time.



They both look beautiful Vivien. The top one is warm with rolling waves the other is calm and moody. I think I like the moody moonlit dunes one the best but wouldn't say no to either.
Hope you shake off the virus you've caught.
laurel said…
You really do beautiful work. I think you are being too hard on yourself but I can understand when you have a visual in your mind that you want to replicate.
vivien said…
Thanks Shirley and Laurel

Laurel I had a look at your blog and you've made some really beautiful cards :)
Karen Hall said…
I really like them both - but "through the dunes Nighfall" tugs at my hear - well it would wouldn't it!
Warm Regards
Karen Hall said…
opps think I did a typo - but to late to catch it - should read
"tugs at my heart"
In confusion
vivien said…
:) the vote seems to be for that one! The trouble is it's a pretty dark painting so would need a very light room or it would be too overpowering.
Lindsay said…
Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Your paintings are beautiful. The Dune painting has an amazing depth of field. Both have a strong spirit of the place. Can't wait to see the wave one too.
Since we shop at Costco, I'll be looking for your beautiful autumn print.
vivien said…
thanks Lindsay :)

I need to get back to my Waterways project when these canvasses are finished. I fancy doing a large charcoal drawing to kickstart me.
Suzanne said…
Beautiful work, Vivien. Thanks for letting us watch over your shoulder.

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