sketching every day things

Lyra skintones set of coloured pencils - swatches

I really like this set of Lyra skintones coloured pencils - if doing a portrait I'd want to add at least a deep dark blue to help with the cool darks and probably other colours - but they are lovely for sketching with in a mono/limited palette way.

This was a quick demo sketch of a jar containing erasers and a pencil sharpener from the art cupboard at college. It's good practice to do observational sketches of every day objects and shows students that almost anything is worth drawing :)

and this was my cup of tea that went cold while I sketched :)

I'm hoping to get on with painting this weekend.



As you have illustrated - everything makes a picture if studied closely. I used to do this with the children I taught - using just pencil and shading. They were always amazed and thrilled at how good their drawings were when they had finished them.
The pencils you have used are lovely - so many fabulous materials out there - it's hard to resist them. My wish list gets longer and longer.
Look forward to the next stage of the seascapes.
vivien said…
Mmm I know what you mean - my wish list is horrendously long!

the volume of stuff I already have is equally horrendous - as is the need to tidy and organise it better!
Becky Vigor said…
Those pencils make a lovely pallette. Drawing everyday objects is one of my favourite things to do, and haven't had much time for recently. Thank you for the nudge, some time for drawing is just what I need.
vivien said…
Hi Becky

I like the palette too :) I only discovered them through one of the colleges I teach at - I've not seen them in an art shop but did find them online.

(Lyra Skintones for anyone interested)

I had a look at your blog and there's some lovely work - your lizard etching is great

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