work in progress, seascapes stage 3

work in progress. 40 inch square canvas. Wild Seas. Vivien Blackburn

The beach is a typical Cornish cove - funnel shaped - so the waves come racing in and clash from different directions, bounced off the rocks, as they are forced into an ever narrowing route. I love the chaos and tumult. The sand is carved into hollows and ridges and patterns as the tide moves.
I don't know how well I'm going to be able to catch this but it's what I'm trying to catch.

My Monday class doesn't start up for a couple of weeks so I managed another day of working on the canvasses :) I'm now at the stage where there is a lot of thinking time or waiting for paint to dry and progress slows.

30 inch canvas work in progress stage 3 - seascapes Vivien Blackburn

This one is the most resolved so far. A quieter day, looking diagonally across the beach when the tide is out. The evening clouds a soft apricot. I still have work to do on it though.

30 inch canvas work in progress seascape. Vivien Blackburn

The sky is still in a very rough state and I think I need to go into oils to resolve it. The wet of the sand and the reflections is coming along. The sand is too warmly coloured but this will cool down with the stage of painting. I needed to get those pinks in - wet sand often shines with gorgeous pinks and mauves.

I think that I need to go into oil paint with all of them now - but I'm not going to be able to do any painting tomorrow due to long working hours - I'm covering for a colleague who is off on a course in addition to my normal classes :(

I enjoy using acrylics in these early stages but always feel the need for my oil paints as the painting develops - I can get more subtle changes of colour in the clouds and softer edges, glaze oil paint over existing colours in thin thin veils to adjust them a little and scratch through thicker oils to reveal the acrylic colour below and it remains changeable for longer.

to be continued :) ...........................



I am liking the last one best at the moment. keep scrolling from one to the other to see the layering up of the colours.
Keep us posted.
vivien said…
thanks Shirley :)
Anonymous said…
These seascapes look very exciting. I did quite a few last year but abstracted from memory. Your colours are gorgeous - it makes me want to go back and see the sea again!
Jeanette said…
Beautiful colours in these Vivien. I just adore them.
sharon young said…
Hi Vivien
I love the mood and colours you're achieving, I think it's a toss up between the middle one and the last one at the moment. The reflections are wonderful in the sand and your observations are obviously very thorough. It never occurred to me to put oils over acrylics, but now you mention it, it makes perfect sense.
Am moving slowly towards the idea of painting an abstract and have a few ideas generated from the collage I made from your suggestion.
Thanks for your continued insight it's very inspirational
vivien said…
thanks Sharon and I'm glad I'm of some help :) I think it's great to share ideas - I've learnt a lot, particularly about computers and free software, internet sales ops and more from others on the internet. It's a great place for knowledge sharing :)

Thanks Jess and Jeanette :)
Kim said…
I have just found your blog and these are really beautiful! I will return to visit more
Kim said…
I have just discovered your blog. What beautiful work! I will absolutely be visiting again.
vivien said…
thanks Kim :D
Becky Vigor said…
What beautiful beginnings. I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop
vivien said…
thanks Becky :)

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