update on seascapes, work in progress

work in progress, 40 inch square canvas, Tides Edge. Vivien Blackburn

The paintings are coming along but are too wet to photograph properly :(

This 40 inch canvas is almost done, I just want to bring more of the blue in the sky into the sea and foreground - just a little - and do some more spray on the waves.

The colours haven't come out very well - the underside of the waves is more viridian rather than the turquoise it looks here.

Any feedback?

I'm still too close to it to maybe judge impartially but it is making me feel the tumult and confusion of the waves as I walked along at the waters edge - I don't know if it's apparent to others though? From this low viewpoint, the horizon was a mass of incoming swells, not the straight line of an east coast painting. There was an intense feeling of the weight and power of the water pounding towards me and I wanted to catch that feeling.

I haven't a clue what to call it - I hate choosing titles!

My studio wall needs painting too! oh dear, all those splashes of paint.



Karen Hall said…
Glad to see you sorted out your Gremlins.
Why don't you call it what you already call it - "Tides Edge" I hate naming pieces - sometimes I start with the name - because its easier!
Love it by the way!
Warm Regards
dinahmow said…
Titles? Bleeargh! I'm useless at artist statements and titles!
How about simply the name of the beach? Big help, aren't I!
carla said…
I totally feel the energy of the sea... in fact, I can almost hear and smell the waves and the salt water. This is a fine piece of work!
It certainly portrays the power of the waves but can't come up with a title as yet.
Jeanette said…
There is a distinct feeling of motion in this and the colours are fabulous. I adore the blues and pinky cream sand.

As for a title, well that's always the challenge isn't it? It needs to be something that pulls the viewer further into the painting and gives a hint as to what the subject is as well. Ideas? I have none to offer right now I'm afraid.
Stunning even at this stage!
sharon young said…
Hi Vivien
This is brilliant, the colours are amazing and you definitely have captured that feeling of the rushing power in the waves. Asked my OH (a wild life photographer) to have a look and he said immediately, 'very powerful', a man of few words , but always truthful!
vivien said…
Thank you everyone for your lovely positive comments :)

Tides Edge it may very well stay! I tend to use very literal titles except for total abstracts - Warm April Day or whatever.

Yes, with abstraction I too do often start with the name - Like the Harlequin series.

I'm really pleased you 'get' the power of those waves :)
V said…
I sure would love to be there. Fantastic painting!
altered melissa said…
i love this
Zhenia said…
I also dislike naming things, so I can't help you there.

I can feel the power of the waves, though. You've captured the motion.
vivien said…
V, Melissa and Zhenia - thank you :)
laurel said…
I think your painting is very beautiful! I really love the feel you've created with the waves. I'm going to have to poke around and look at more of your work.

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