blogger is scrambling my site :(

I decided to add a picture behind the title and although they are all still there in the template, my links, history and lots of other stuff has disappeared from the side bar


deleting the image makes no difference, resaving the items makes no difference - blogger what are you doing???????


Becky Vigor said…
they seem to be back now :)
Julie said…
Looks like it was a glitch. Everything looks ok now :))
Katherine said…
Did you change your template?

If you didn't save your template first you sometimes get funny things happening.

I always take the precaution of saving the template first and then using the preview function before saving the template change - it saves aggravation in the long run. This was as a result of also losing all my sidebar while I was on holiday!
vivien said…
Hi Becky, Julie and Katherine -save my template ..... I don't know how to do that! (unless you just mean hitting the save button?) I'll have to investigate

- they are all back though now :) so just gremlins in the works I think - they were still there on MY template, just not there onscreen!

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