The beach at the foot of the Cot Valley, Pentire, Cornwall, painting in oils,

The foot of the Cot Valley as the stream joins the sea. Oil painting, approx 15ins. Vivien Blackburn

I think this beach is called Porth Nanven, it's at the foot of the Cot Valley. The valley is a steep V shape, with a very narrow road leading down it, above a small stream that tumbles steeply downhill over rocks and joins the sea at this tiny, perfect little beach.

This is somewhere I want to revisit to paint more.

There is a little more viridian in the sea than is showing in this photograph. I haven't quite managed to adjust the colour to show it enough.

click the image to see 3 other studies in oil on our Watermarks site.


Jeanette said…
I love the colours in the water in this and the rocks are superb.
Chris Bellinger said…
Love the colour you use. cannot wait to see more of what you have done.
i have posted a old photo of mine of Newlyn on my blog, did you get as far as there?
been chosen as one of 7 out of group of 37 for a emerging Artist show in June. This was curated by someone from outside so was chuffed!
dinahmow said…
I'm afraid I belong in the "I don't know how to paint water" camp. :(
As you say, one really needs to learn this en plein air. Maybe I will one day!
Now, if I hurry, I might get some blue skies...
Nice - I like this close-up view with no horizon
vivien said…
Thanks Jeanette - I'm enjoying your series following the course of the water to the sea :>)

Chris well done! I was stunned when I won a purchase prize at my degree show - the painting was hung in the posh new foyer of a local business and they had a reception for the winner and runners up - a real buzz so I know just how chuffed you must feel :>) Yes, nice photo of Newlyn - the harbour is nice but that area of Cornwall is my least favourite on the whole I think, as the sea is calmer and it's more built up.

Dinah I'm going to post the sky links on the last day of the month so brushes and paints out quick! though I'll add to them.

Thanks Katherine :>)
José said…
Hi Vivien,

This work has lots of dynamics.
I like it.

Best regards,


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