skies from observation - challenge update

Cornish sunset, oils, Vivien Blackburn

The skies from observation project

If you are taking part or would like to take part in this - you have until 30th May - I'm going to list the links to the participants then.

Do have a go!

All the people taking part feel they've got a lot out of it. There's nothing like observation to hone your skills :>)

No work from photographs - all work to be done from 'life'

Link to the original challenge post

The above image is a quick sunset study in oils in a Canson watercolour sketchbook.


Patrice said…
A darkening sky is such a challenge... Wonderfully captured here!
vivien said…
thank you Patrice :>)
laura said…
It's perfectly lovely--just the thing I'd like to paint! Such un-dramatic skies here of late (rain rain go away!), but I'm hoping for some drama before the 30th!
vivien said…
Thanks Laura :>) and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your skies
dinahmow said…
Well, I managed 5 more sky sketches and they are up on the blog now.

This has been fun to do and I look forward to seeing others'views.
Tina Mammoser said…
Here you go Viv, I managed 4. :) As soon as you issued the challenge all I got were blue skies you know. Typical.
vivien said…
great Tina - they've been added - I really like that 3rd one - lovely observation of subtle changes :>)
John DeMint said…
Thanks i love the work!

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