Links to artists taking part in the sketching Skies from Observation Project

Dawn at Sennen Cove, coloured pencil in Moleskine sketchbook, Vivien Blackburn

Quick sketch of the sun burning through the dawn clouds in coloured pencil in a moleskine sketchbook. The colours used are on the left hand page.

As promised - Links to the participants in my skies challenge. The challenge was to paint skies at different times and in different weathers - from observation not photographs.

No particular order here, just added as they arrived :>)

There is some lovely work so do take a look

and Katherine Tyrrell gave me these links:

Links to my skies:
and there are loads more of course as it's one of my interests :>)

It's not too late to add your links - if you'd like to add your post to this list I'll update it - just leave your link in the comments on this post :>)


harrybell said…
Dragging my feet as ever, here's my sky offering:
vivien said…
adding it now :>)

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