morning sketch, rain clearing, Sennen Cove, Cornwall, moleskine and coloured pencil

Drizzly grey morning, Sennen Cove. Coloured pencil in moleskine sketchbook. Vivien Blackburn

Another early morning sketch, this one in the moleskine sketchbook in coloured pencil. A grey morning with rain clearing - it turned out to be a nice day after this bad start.

Even on a 'grey' day there are lovely soft colours in the sea (not shown terribly well here - I find cp sketches quite hard to scan or photograph :>(

The lifeboat spent most of the week anchored in the bay as they were building a new slipway and the water was fairly calm. When the winds and waves got stronger, later in the week, it was moved, presumably to a more sheltered harbour. (That's supposed to be the lifeboat in the middle)

When I was young and lived on the north coast of Cornwall, all the fishing fleet used to move round to the south coast when bad gales were predicted and shelter in the harbours there away from the wild seas.

In one 120mph gale a huge aeroplane was cartwheeled across the airfield and totally written off and roofs were blown off a garage block and sailed over a 3 storey building to crash near our house.

Challenge update

I'm extending the sky challenge to the end of the month - then I'll do a post with links to all of you who have taken part :>) join now! several people already have signed up and done some work.


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