Cornish hedgerows - full of wild flowers

In spring Cornwall and its hedgerows are full of wild flowers. I didn't get to take as many photos of them as I would have liked but here are a few.

The ancient hedges have stone walls under the earth, bushes and flowers and were designed to keep livestock from escaping. Travelling off the beaten track, down narrow lanes, the flowers brush each side of the car. If you meet another car someone needs to reverse to a passing place - or if you are unlucky like me you meet a massive tanker and have to reverse half a mile because the passing places aren't big enough to cope!

May is a great time to go before it fills up with tourists and of course you are less likely to meet anyone head on in the narrow lanes to the beautiful little bays off the main routes.

I put a slide show of photos of Sennen Cove and its waves in changing weather over on Watermarks - take a look.


Jean Spitzer said…
Thanks. Very lovely, your wildflowers.
dinahmow said…
Ahh! Hedgerows and coast walks. (breathes deeply of remembered Cornish air...)
Jeanette said…
The tall hedges filled with flowers and narrow lanes brought back memories of my time in Devon and Somerset. As well as reversing back the lane when I'd meet a milk tanker on its way to the farm!

The primroses are lovely. I have their identical cousins in my garden here.
vivien said…
:>) it is so lovely there ... sighs sadly at being back in the city
At present the hedgerows around here are pungent with the smell of eary summer and Mayflower. But not just Hawthorn - Rowan and Bluebell and Laurel. This evening, as usual on a warm summers evening, I sat out on my chair with a good book and a glass of red wine bidding farewell to the sun 'til tomorrow (hopefully).
Nice to see your part of the world in slideshow. I can only blether about it :o)
Hang on...I'll post what I've got.
vivien said…
sitting out with a good book and a glass of wine sounds good :>)

Hope the course is going well?
I'm in deconstruction mode at present, Vivien, with all the pieces strewn in a jumble around my feet. Needing a calming hug, or another glass of wine, or both :o}

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