Sennen Cove, Cornwall, Dawn, coloured pencil sketch in Moleskine sketchbook

Sennen Cove, Dawn. Coloured pencil sketch in 'large' moleskine. Vivien Blackburn

Dawn, the sea is calm with a gentle swell rolling in, no surf this morning and the tide is high. A pale amber glow of sunrise silhouetting the cliffs. Colours are soft and muted, no drama.

The cove at dawn sketched in polychromos coloured pencils (plus a few odds of others) in the 'large' moleskine sketchbook - they do a really nice larger one now but I'm not sure if the paper is the same. Does anyone know? I really like the surface with cp's.

More to follow :>)

Other paintings of Sennen Cove can be seen here:

Morning, rain clearing

Morning Bay

Rocks and Waves

View of the bay

Misty Morning, Sennen Cove

tiny canvasses - you can also see them on Etsy

graphite sketch of waves and harbour wall

Sennen on a windy day (oil painting)

or searching on Cornwall shows work on other beaches and Lanyons Quoit


Chris Bellinger said…
I do like wha you have done with these sketches of Cornwall, I think they capture the spirit of place very well.
Have one seascape in my degree show and mention Kurt Jackson as artist who has inspired in Artist's Stement.
vivien said…
thanks Chris

good luck with the degree and degree show - a stressful time, I remember it well!

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