the tiny canvasses in a group

the 4 inch canvasses grouped - Vivien Blackburn

Jean asked about seeing the small canvasses together - here they are Jean :>)


Anita Davies said…
Wonderful body of work
Anonymous said…
There is something quite powerful about seeing a body of work like this in a group. Lovely.
Robyn said…
Don't they look beautiful together! I have been enjoying these little jewels, Vivien. Wonderful idea. I do hope some of them get to hang out together.
Jean Spitzer said…
Thanks! They look terrific together.
Teresa Mallen said…
These small canvases are really lovely. They look great grouped together too! :-)
vivien said…
Thanks Anita, Cath, Robyn, Jean and Teresa :>)

My work actually works best seen en masse - because it's about time as well that comes through when you see them together.

I was dubious when I ordered these tiny canvasses but I think I'll have to get some more :>)
Christine said…
Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love your work! These little paintings are gems! What is your process for painting these? How long does it take you, and do you paint these en plein air or in the studio? I will definitely keep an eye on your work.
vivien said…
Hi Christine :>) thank you

I work plein air a LOT when I can and fill sketchbooks with mixed media works (and finished pieces)

then I work in the studio as well working on larger canvasses or alternatively, lately I've done quite a bit of very small work like these.

So, they are studio works from memories fixed by the plein air stuff.

I work fast and tend to have layers of paint - glazed, scumbled, splattered - whatever it takes to get what I want.

I mix a lot of colours on the canvas rather than on the palette.
Kim Denise said…
I love seeing these all together like this! I can smell the sea air. I wish I could buy them all!
vivien said…
thanks Kim :>)

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