still life completed

Still Life, acrylic, 16x20 ins. Vivien Blackburn

I decided today to paint the edges (deep pthalo blue to work with the painting) of the still life I did a couple of weeks back and finish off bits I hadn't had time to complete.

Here is the original post showing it as it was

Reducing the size to this thumbnail makes it look a bit tighter than it is really. It's quite loosely painted.

I like the way that the colours move through it better now

what do you think?


Robyn said…
I loved it from the beginning. Gorgeous painting. Particularly like the way you painted the red and white check cloth. But it's all delicious.
vivien said…
thanks Robyn - you are so good for the confidence! :>)
pete said…
a very convincing painting (lifelike), especially the shadows between the objects.
Yes, it definitely looks a strongly finished painting now with bold vibrant colouring. I especially like the white jug. Could it be full of cold clear water?
vivien said…
thanks Pete - it isn't my normal subject - it's years since I did something like this
pete said…
it's a good idea to keep everything. i wish i had the doodles from when i was 4 years old! not that they looked anything like your fine work i hasten to add.
vivien said…
thanks Pete! I have got one or two doodles of mine from that age that my grandmother kept!

David if you'd like it to be full of cold clear water ............. it is!

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