and another tiny canvas

Beach, Winter Evening, 4 inch square gallery wrap canvas, 1.5 ins deep, Vivien Blackburn

Winter evening light at the beach, acrylic on deep sided, gallery wrap canvas, another for the Etsy shop.


A beautiful, breathing, serenity in 10cm sq.
You must spend happy hours just looking?
vivien said…
Thank you David :>)

looking at the light and the beach/landscape ? yes :>)

Over the past few years I've dug my heels in and insisted that the house we stay at on holiday MUST have a sea view - so I get to see the light in bad weather and all times of day :>) and can sketch at odd moments while others are busy.

It's so wonderful watching rain approach across the beach in a silvery veil and finally reach your windows, with a rainbow that ends on the beach just before that:>) especially from the warmth and dryness of the house!
Jean Spitzer said…
I would love to see a photo of this series of tiny paintings grouped together.
Jean Spitzer said…
Oops. I guess the etsy listing on the side kind of does this.
vivien said…
ok Jean I'll post them :>)

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