Old Flooded Slate Quarry, Swithland Woods, Waterways project

Flooded slate quarry, Swithland Woods, Watercolour/mixed media, 11x14 ins approx, Vivien Blackburn

The pale colours here in the ground are a little bleached out - they should have a pale pink/amber colour.

Old flooded slate quarry, coloured pencil, approx 11x14 ins, Vivien Blackburn

I've been looking at the old flooded quarry near Swithland woods in watercolour and coloured pencil.

The slate that was quarried there is very ancient pre-Cambrian rock - the oldest rocks in Britain. Until recently it was thought that no fossils were preserved in this ancient rock - but recently fossils of ferns have been found (details of this and the geology and history of the area are in the links below).

It's thought that the woods are the remains of primeval forest, having been there from at least 5,000BC.


The history of Swithland Woods,
which may be the remains of primeval forest from 5,000 years BC

Geology/History/walks in the area

Photo of a larger pit nearby


Lindsay said…
Vivien these are both very beautiful and have great depth. I just wondered if you are using your electric eraser to get those fine lines of bushes in the colored pencil one.
vivien said…
no - I would have normally but I've lost it! I had to do them the hard way, drawing the negative spaces.

Thanks Lindsay :>)
Rose Welty said…
Vivien, these are just incredible! Really very impressive...such strong pattern, value contrast...I really like them.
Billie Crain said…
I like both of these Vivien, but that watercolor is gorgeous! Wow!
Genie said…
Beautiful paintings.
vivien said…
Rose, Billie and Genie - thank you :>) it's an inspiring place to paint
katie jane said…
Oh Vivien, I like both of these very much. Your style is the style I'm aiming for with my watercolors. Practice, practice.
Robyn said…
What a beautiful painting! Such amazing detail and reflections but still delightfully painterly. This is a favourite, Vivien.
Sadia Hussain said…
Very beautiful! Wonderful shades and hues .
Take care.
vivien said…
Katie, Robyn and Sadia thank you :>)

Robyn - the book has arrived safely at last and thank you so much for that lovely cat print :>) I'll treasure it! Will email you.
Trevor Lingard said…
Love this work Vivien.
Kind Regards
dinahmow said…
Ooh! LOVE the top one!
And what interesting geology. I had no idea that part of England was that old. I suppose my brain stays in the flooded areas of E.Anglia, which is a little short of rock.Broads and beaches.
vivien said…
Thanks Trevor :>)

VEry different from East Anglia Dinah - we'll be at the coast when sea levels rise and they go under!
annie said…
Vivien, they are both so beautiful. I especially like the reflections in the water and the colorful patterns and lights in the first one.
vivien said…
thank you Annie :>)

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