Artists work: David Poxon

David Poxon - Made in England

Following the review I did of the Watercolour Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, David Poxon emailed me:

Hi Vivien- I always read your blog!
Thanks for the nice mention- it is much appreciated.
Attached is my pic Made In England in this years RI - please put it on your blog if you like. Size is 27" x37"- pure watercolour of course! With the current state of the nation it seemed like an apt title!
My website is if you would like to post a link .
Many thanks- heres hoping I get in the 2010 expo!
best wishes

This was an absolutely amazing painting and his website is well worth browsing - I particularly like the rusty hinges and padlocks and decrepit wooden doors - something I've always found strangely beautiful.

Thank you David for the picture and permission - and for reading!

I wouldn't think there would be any problem getting into the 2010 exhibition!

Browse and enjoy everyone :>)


Billie Crain said…
Fabulous watercolor! I'm not sure what it says about the quality of English products but it makes a wonderful painting.:)Thanks for sharing, Vivien and David!
Anonymous said…
My god those white are crisp - stunning!
vivien said…
isn't it amazing?


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