Tulips and Tudor

photos from a trip to Oxborough Hall, a 15C moated Tudor House yesterday.

before tobacco and potatoes arrived here or settlers arrived in the US :>)


laura said…
Beautiful photos, Vivien!
vivien said…
thanks Laura :>)
Lindsay said…
I always wonder if those old castle windows were added later. Seems a waste of a "military technology" to have all those glass windows!

What a lovely trip and thanks for taking us along.
vivien said…
Hi Lindsay - They did put the glass windows in by Tudor times (the rich only of course, us peasants froze!) as places were more homes than fortresses.

The wall isn't that high so wouldn't have been much good at deterring invaders I'd think, and the moat possibly just a decorative feature?

They were obviously a self-important family and highly connected with royalty - loads of portraits of kings - looking after Queen Elizabeth as a small child etc (probably awful toadies!) so it was probably all about ostentation?
Sherrie Y said…
Oh look! Somewhere with actual SPRING already. (sigh) I have a few tulip plants up, but no sign of blooms. Thanks for sharing such cheer!

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