more small canvasses

Early Morning, 4 inch square canvas, Vivien Blackburn

Here are a couple more from the series of tiny canvasses I'm putting on my Etsy shop

The striped cliffs at Hunstanton, 4 inch canvas, Vivien Blackburn

The first is the far tip of Cornwall where the weather fronts from the Atlantic first hit land. It's from the same spot as the one in the last coast (stormy one) but turning 180 degrees to look the other way.

The second is Norfolk, the east coast, where there is a section of cliff at Hunstanton that is banded in white chalk, brownish Carr Stone and red sandstone - a bit like an Angel Cake :>D

I enjoyed doing these and trying to keep a sense of space and light and place and freedom of mark making but on a tiny scale. I need to get on with my big canvasses as soon as I can though. Exhibitions loom.

What do you think? What range of sizes do you work?


Anonymous said…
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Chris Bellinger said…
I do like them!
It is one of my favorite sizes though I have done a 6ft by 4ft this year, never again!.
I like panoramic type canvases also medium sized ones.
muddy red shoes said…
lovely...there must be something in the air, Karin Juric is doing them this size, I have been doing them too, and youm maybe it is spring, small things grow into bigger things!
vivien said…
never again Chris? Oh I like working that size too!

maybe it's the economic climate Sarah? I thought - hoped - they'd be fun to do and also be more saleable online than larger works. Easier to post as well :>)

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