details of sketches below

Reducing the file size for the internet has the problem of tightening work up - these are details of the sketches below to show the loose scribbly marks that makes them.

The mine buildings are made of local rock so blend with the environment, though the shapes are stark and man made.


Jean Spitzer said…
These sketches are wonderful, especially seeing the detail. Thanks for thinking to show it.
vivien said…
Thanks Jean :>)

I think I should show details more often as it gives a better sense of what the work is really like
Chris Bellinger said…
i like these!!!
i remember now that I did get over there when I first did painting holiday with Bernard Evans.
Brings back memories.
vivien said…
thanks Chris - it's an unforgettable place

I've never been on a painting holiday with tuition - I'm always wary about whether the tutors are going to be good or the 'copy me' type

I've tended to go away with painting friends
Each of these details would make fantastic paintings in themselves - the close cropping makes them almost abstract - they take away the horizon and therefore become more intimate. I like them a lot!

I wish I even knew anyone locally who was interested in painting :o{

Never fancied painting holidays for much the same reason you have mentioned. But then (as a true Scotsman) I hate paying for anything!!!
vivien said…

there must be a sketchclub of some description???

or start one .....

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