Stormy seas, Sennen Cove - graphite and moleskine

Stormy Seas, Sennen Cove, Graphite in moleskine sketchbook, Vivien Blackburn

I'm back from a week at beautiful Sennen Cove with the family - 4 generations of us.

I was determined to make some time to paint/sketch :>)

We were staying right on the seafront and this was the view from our bedroom window yesterday. Huge waves rolling in and crashing on the rocky reef offshore and over the harbour wall - a wall of mist/rain meaning that the horizon was lost. Luckily it cleared up and turned into a lovely day, though still windy and wild.

Waves repeat patterns of movement so it's crucial to watch, observe, see how they move, where they crash together, the changes of direction across the bay ....

My little Jakar battery operated eraser is great for drawing back into areas of tone, pushing and pulling the shapes and tones and form until it hopefully does something like what I wanted :>)

So .... about that sky challenge .... a few people have posted results and I'll be doing a post with all the links in soon. I'll give people more time though - a week or two?

When I've photographed/scanned them, I'll post my Cornish skies - and seas :>)

Have you got a sky link for me to add to the challenge summary?


annie said…
Oh, I long to be know I love a stormy sea and skies-- but, on second thought,that sketch pretty much puts me there.
Robyn said…
Wonderful waves, Vivien. How nice to be able to sit and sketch the sea from a cosy bedroom.

Not much character in the sky outside my window - just flat blue. But I'm not complaining ;)
vivien said…
thanks Annie and Robyn :>)

yes, much more comfortable sitting on a bed to draw than being out in the wind :>)
Jeanette said…
This is a wonderful sketch. You've captured the feel of rough seas well.

My sky for the past week has gone from flat grey to flat blue with no variations! So unusual for here. Yes, another week's extension for the challenge would be perfect. Now, just let me see if the sky will cooperate!
vivien said…
thanks Jeanette :>)

yes an extension for sure to give people chance to look at more skies
dinahmow said…
Welcome back! I do want to do more skies; finding the time is the thing!
Tina Mammoser said…
Viv - I'm going to blog my skies later today I think. But it would be so great to have a sort of round-robin type thing and put in links to you and everyone else who decided to take part. :)

What do you think?
vivien said…
that's great Tina - Yes, I was planning a post listing all the participants with links - I think people need a little more time though first?

The end of the month could be the deadline.

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