still life with caran d'ache neocolor II

Experimenting with Caran d'ache Neocolor II in the A3 moleskine sketchbook - the paper tolerated me using water with these in the underlayers.


Billie Crain said…
ooh...this is my fave so far! IMO, it could use a few more hard lines/edges here and there. Just a suggestion....
vivien said…
thanks Billie :>) there are a little harder edges in the pale areas than maybe show up here - I'll give it a few days and then maybe take another look

Thanks for the honest feedack and opinion - I appreciate it :>)
I love the diffused colour in this one, I'm guessing there must be a lot of layers. It's very sensitively done.
vivien said…
diffused, soft, luminous was what I was going for - so thanks :>)

I hope the work for the exhibition went well

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