Digital sketchbook; images of flowers manipulated in Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro

digital images and photograph copyright Vivien Blackburn

I should be getting on with the paintings of C0rnwall in progress and maybe be working on the waterways project - but I'm always juggling lots at once and I wanted to carry on with these digital images I've been working on.

They've been in and out of Corel Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop and I couldn't tell you exactly what I've done to them! They started life as photos, close ups of flowers - the rest is layers, filters, cropping, adjusting colour and contrast and levels and ..................

......... etc etc etc!

I'll upload some of these to my Imagekind account I think and will also give some thought to developing paintings from them. Some would work fantastically well in watercolour - if I'm good enough, not sure if I am though. They would involve careful layering and patience and that isn't something I'm strong on. I'll also try some in mixed media on canvas.

I think they'd work really well in those digital photo frames as a changing slide show :)

I'm really quite pleased with them - I like the subtlety of some and the fine leaf veins and then the vivid surreal colours of others :)

What do you think? do you enjoy playing with digital imagery?

These have been manipulated from photos but other work is done in the same way from sketches and fragments of sketches, I find it a really useful way of working through ideas.


Mary said…
These are impressive Vivien, I especially like the green Iris next to the purple leaf. I love your sketches too!
vivien said…
Thanks Mary :)

they are fun to do
Lindsay said…
These remind me of klidascope images but with more control. A grat mix of control and wild abandon! As always, you inspire me.

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