surf, waves, rocks, photography and painting

While I was in Cornwall I took zillions of photos, including sequences of the movement of the waves and the waves crashing on the rocks to help me understand the confusion. I also did very quick rough sketches

I did a slide show of waves in Photobucket - but photobucket and blogger don't seem to be talking to each other at the moment :( and now the edit screen is going crazy and not giving me the options I need - I'll try again later.


Gesa said…
I'm curious to see the slideshow... I did something similar a few weeks back and still plan on going back to it... It's one of those instances where the camera really does help making sense of movement.
vivien said…
Hi Gesa :) I shall persevere and try to remember what I did before that made it work and why it won't work now :(

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