thinking around the subject: small watercolour sketches and digital images for the Cornwall paintings

watercolour sketch

I'm thinking around the canvasses I want to do and how I want to develop them. These first 2 are quick watercolour studies followed by a couple of digital simplifications - I'd like to do some more abstract variations on this view and these are a start on sorting out essential elements.

watercolour sketch

digital manipulation

digital manipulation

This last one does really catch the essence of the light without any detail - I rather like it and though it's simplified there are some nice bleeds of colour going on.

what do you think?



Karen Hall said…
I like the last one - it has something nice going on with the "light"
Warm regards
vivien said…
thanks Karen that's what I felt too :)
Lindsay said…
This is exciting! You are letting us in from the beginning. THanks for thinking our loud. Can't wait to see how your series develops. I'm amazed at what you get with digital manipulations. It's more creative that what I've seen.
Sue Smith said…
How are you manipulating your images? Are you using photo-shop or something else? What a great idea for seeing your shapes, especially in a complicated landscape. I've often changed my images to black and white to see the values, but I like the different perspective seeing it as color shapes.
vivien said…
Hi Sue and Lindsay :)

Yes Photoshop - and nothing very clever!!! I think I used posterise and then palette knife on them. It really helps me to simplify things sometimes as when I'm sketching I'm really conscious of needing to understand what is happening with rocks and sand patterns and waves etc etc etc and they can get overcomplicated, though full of information that I need. This moves me away from that overcomlication a bit and I do want to do some very simplified colour field images as well as the loose but representational.

I'll let you know how it continues though it may not be a fast process as I'm working long hours teaching at the moment :(

and yes, changing to black and white is very useful to assess tones and how an image is working I agree
Lisa Purcell said…
I love how you have manipulated the images to simplify them. I want photoshop now after seeing what you can to to develop your art. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Purcell said…
All of your art and methods are outstanding.
Jafabrit said…
I like the last one and seeing what led you to it.
vivien said…
Thanks Lisa and Jafa :)

I've just uploaded more in the flower series to my Imagekind site - you can see them there

Lisa photoshop is wonderful!

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