Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a slide show of the digital images with some new ones

If anyone is interested - I'll be uploading these to imagekind over the next few days


Robyn said...

Words fail me, Vivien! My eyes popped with excitement when I saw these. They are absolutely beautiful and I agree they would inspire wonderful watercolours (and of course you are up to it!).
They would also make stunning silk scarves, if I may be so commercial ;)
I have never played with digital images to this extent. It is inspiring. Now all I want to do is take a piece of paper and lay that ORANGE next to that TURQUOISE! BLISS.

vivien said...

Thanks Robyn!

I've only ever had a go at silk painting once - and then the class didn't have silk so it was on cotton! but it's something I really like as the colours glow so beautifully. It would be nice to have a go :)

Try playing - I think you'd love it.

Usually I scan in bits of sketches and paintings and combine and experiment but sometimes I use photographs like here.

Luciano Bove said...

Good job!

vivien said...

thank you luciano :)

sunny said...

Hi Vivien,
Some of your art is really great.
Do you allow to download hiresolution files of some of them at a moderate price?
If yes contact me at:

Thanks and regards,