detail of the dancing poppies

details to show what is collage and what is paint or pencil

David asked which bits were collage (see previous post about the sketch book exchange). Here are elements blown up to much larger than life size and sharpened/sharpen edges/increase contrast- ed to show the edges more clearly. They don't show as much in real life and are of course much smaller. I think you can see here what elements are used where.

David wrote about them on our moley blog

daviddrawsandpaints said...
Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Flowers aint got nothin' on these Three Poppies and the Popettes! This is pure 1960's Phil Spector girl band shakin' their red petals off with a trio of backing singers providing bass, tenor, and alto - boom, oooh, yate-ta-ta. I dig this!

I love it!! what a way with words :>D

And Robyn says my Flying Pictures sketchbook has arrived with her in Italy and is looking fantastic with all the exciting additions and now won't fit on her dining table as it is getting so long when unfolded :>D big happy smile going on here!



Lindsay said…
Wonderful to see these really close up!!!
Thank you very much for doing this Vivien. I can see it clearly and think it is a brilliant idea! I wouldn't even have thought of doing that, but to sketch out the elements separately and then arrange them freely in this way has opened up new possiblities. I kid ye not - I learn something new every day (and that's not bad for Methuselah's grand-daddy!).
vivien said…
sheer cowardice actually David! the thought of doing the poppies straight into the book and keeping the freedom I wanted was too scary... so I worked out this way round to keep the options open and the freedom I wanted :>D
Ed Terpening said…
I love the top image (poppie). It shows nice calligraphy and (out of context of the whole picture) a nice abstraction. Thought it was a butterfly when I first saw it :-)
vivien said…
thanks Ed - I thought it looked rather butterfly like myself

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