slide show of work from the sketchbook exchange from the books I've had so far :>D

well this should have been a slide show - but photobucket is just taking FOREVER to load it and that's on broadband - so I give up!

I'm not going to waste any more time on photobucket slide shows :>(


That's a real pity, Vivien. I would really have liked to see it. Good on you for trying!
laura said…
I am a real hit-and-misser when it comes to computer stuff, but the slideshow on my blog is from Picasa, and I had no trouble with the upload. Picasa, a photo organizing program, is free from Google and you can upload photos from there to a web album that you can embed as a slideshow ... All this stuff takes time and it is so frustrating when it doesn't work!
vivien said…
thanks Laura - I'll try that out when I can.

I'm not sure why the Blogger one didn't work as I've used it in the past without problems. Frustrating indeed!

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