Flowers and more flowers

My younger daughter grew me these lovely Cosmos - aren't they gorgeous? they are now dancing amongst the geraniums, roses, poppies, fuchsias and osteospermums and looking wonderful.

I was using the camera on its macro setting with the addition of a 10x magnifying lens. I really like the way these cheap little lenses have such a shallow depth of field and throw the background out of focus and the way it just becomes abstract shapes at times, as below with the poppy seedhead. It isn't a great photograph technically - but I really quite like it!

and now I need to go and paint ..............


I love Cosmos!
Looks like you've just found subjects for my dancing theme!
vivien said…
well spotted David! yep that's what I'm thinking of doing :>D I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the word 'dancing'!

me too Katherine
Billie Crain said…
wonderful macros, Vivien! i finally have the camera with the macro feature. i just wish the wind would stop blowing. it's been impossible to get a good shot with things blowing in the breeze! any tips?
vivien said…
the wind is unfuriating isn't it Billie?

I haven't taken any more for the same reason - the flowers are dancing and swaying like mad at the moment - and now it's raining as well ..... summer!!!! huh!

No tips other than a photographers assistant to hold the stem still, just out of shot!

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