sketchbook exchange another update

Vivien's Time and Tide series in the FPP sketchbook exchange - Nina's book,
theme: Local Colour

Nina's book is now with Ronell so I can show the pages I did - Nina's pages were bathed in golden sunlight and Glen had continued with large red poppies.

My first thought was to do some extreme close ups of poppies but I decided to cool things down instead and do the English coast in changing weathers and times. These were done in a variety of media including watercolour, Inktense, Caran d'Ache Neocolor II, watercolour pencils and mix of them all.

I've now received the next 2 moleskine exchanges from Gesa - no pressure there then! and am off to enjoy browsing them and have a think about what to do next before sending them on their way.

Gesa has done some lovely sketches of wild island landscape - I'm hoping she'll do some in my book!


Jeanette said…
These are lovely Vivien. I really like those long pieces that capture air, water and earth. Very nice.
Gesa said…
Vivien, these sketches are so beautiful. I do like the format you use for these, ever since I saw some of your first paintings done that way. Has my mail arrived already? I had to leave it with a friend to post on Tue as Mon as a Bank Holiday in Glasgow and no post offices were open.
Robyn said…
Lucky, lucky Nina, is all I can say :)
vivien said…
Hi Jeanette, Gesa and Robyn

thanks :>)

yes they arrived safely and fast Gesa :>) I'm loving the sketches you've done in the Scottish islands - which is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. I lived in Scotland for a while and went to school in Forres - I lived at Findhorn on the Moray Firth. We'd often holiday on the west coast and I longed to go to the isles. My parents never 'got' the appeal of islands with their special light and beautiful beaches.

Robyn I'll try to remember to do a couple in your book :>) and I so envy you your beautiful garden.

Jeanette I hope you are enjoying your exchange as much as we are - it's so much fun! I've really liked the portraits you've been doing.
Lindsay said…
This is really shows the range of weather and water conditions! Lovely addition to Nina's book and I'm with Robyn...lucky Nina!
vivien said…
thanks Lindsay :>)
Gesa said…
Ah... I hadn't read your wish on this post before... It's noted... maybe the work-up from sketch to painting via your Moley?

Actually, I already had an idea for yours. Well, it's not island but wild Scottish West Coast nonetheless, it would probably qualify...

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