digital image from sketches and collagraph

a digital experiment, combining collage, watercolour, coloured pencil and collagraph elements. Vivien Blackburn

An experiment in combining different elements to create something new. This is made up of collage, watercolour, coloured pencil and a collagraph - using photoshop to combine, erase elements, adjust sizes to make them work together, pushing and pulling and doing I don't know what until it works for me.

I'm deep in end of term marking and paperwork :>( so not a lot of painting going on at the moment.

I have finished the work in the FPP and Moley exchanges though and they are on their way to Ronell and Stephanie :>)

check the exchanges out here: the flying pictures project

and the moley exchange

I can highly recommend taking part in an exchange like this - I'm so enjoying them - opening each book as they arrive is fantastic and a chance to see lovely work in real life - and end up owning some of it :>) Such diverse work and ideas around a core subject in each book :>)



Another fabulous digital image. I know the feeling re marking. Something I'm glad I don't have to do anymore.
Keep the digitals coming.
And once again, I can only say that this is a creative group you're in Vivien...such inspiring, original and energetic work!
vivien said…
thank you Ronell :>)
caseytoussaint said…
This is really a stunning image. I love both poppies and their seed pods and I think what you've done with them here is breathtaking.
vivien said…
thanks Casey :>)

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