digital flowers

Experiments - manipulating the photographs I took this morning. Combining osteospermum flowers, begonias and poppy seedheads.

and another version from the same beginnings .......


katie jane said…
Wow! These are fantastic! They look like stained glass. Very cool.
Annie said…
I am so enjoying Flying Pictures, Vivien. And now these flowers of yours. The top digital picture looks liked stained glass. Stunning-- but how do you do that?
Robyn said…
Your second image is particularly beautiful, Vivien. How about a tutorial? Please?
Chris Bellinger said…
I like these digital Flowers, I can see a whole load of flower painting comming from you over the next few weeks!
Wow these are so interesting. I love the top one. Have you ever tried printing quality prints from the manipulations?
I love your digital images. Wish you would do lots more if them.
vivien said…
Thanks Katie Jane :>)

Thanks Annie and it's great that google is now allowing you to comment! How? oh dear it's one process and layer on top of another and lots of erasing/manipulating and combining - and I lose track!

Robyn - I'll have a go at a tutorial when I have time - the troouble is I think intuitively and not in steps so it's really difficult to remember what on earth I do!

Chris - there's one flower painting at least going to happen :>)

Nicole - hi :>) - yes I have sold quality giclee prints of digital work in the past, though I haven't shown any for a while. I also put some on Imagekind and I'm planning to add more.

Shirley I'll try to get more done!
These are all very interesting. The top one is my favorite ... I like the intense colors.
Lovely playing around with your photos Vivien! I love the tranparency that comes through in all of them!
vivien said…
thanks Laurel :>) and Ronell :>)
dinahmow said…
Yes, a very glass-like quality, especially the top one.
I'm curious about your "cheap little lenses" as you are getting lovely shots.

By the way, I'm moving to Wordpress. There's a link at the bottom of my Idle Woman post.
vivien said…
if you look on ebay at magnifying filters in the photography section you'll find them Dinah and they really aren't expensive

As long as your camera has screw threads that would take a UV or special effects (starburst etc) filter, then you can use them.

I'll alter my bloglines subscription to your new wordpress blog :>)

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