update on the sketchbook exchange - dance - poppies in the wind

Poppies dancing in the wind. collage, watercolour, coloured pencil, Vivien Blackburn, moleskine exchange July '08

I can post the images now as the book has arrived with Stephanie. These pages were done for the moleskine exchange http://moleskineexchange.blogspot.com/ .

This is in David's book, theme: Dance. You can see his wonderful intense tango dancers below, followed by Gesa's great abstract thoughts - timing and steps, cooling things down with a tranquil cerebral blue. This photo doesn't do them justice. That's the joy of this exchange, seeing the work in real life with texture and marks and being able to hold the book and look and look :>)

There are several exchanges going on out there and I'm following some with interest - please feel free to leave a link in the comments for people to follow if you are taking part in one. I'll add them in a later post when I update on our exchanges again.



Great dancing movement in the wind-blown poppies, Vivien!
What elements are collaged?

This following comment applies very much to me too: it would be even better if we photographed our images at a larger size so that when we click on the blog thumbnail it comes up larger so we can see into the detail.
Lor Lor said…
Vivien, these poppies look great. You've really caught the sense of movement of these lovely floppy flowers.
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

I painted the poppy petals onto watercolour paper and some of the stems and the seed pods and then tore them/cut them out and rearranged them so only some bits are drawn into the book.

I felt like using watercolour - the original idea had been oil paints but I changed my mind at the last moment.

I'll enlarge a section and post it.
Love your poppoies vivien, here as well as in the prevuious post. and those dancers just burst with energy....this is an interesting theme, I can see myself going totally wild with this one!
vivien said…
thanks Ronell :>) - the poppies are in the moley exchange ..... but they, or something like them may just pop up in ours!
I was watching "The Red Shoes" this afternoon and wanted to give you a quote from the film to cheer you up: Young composer to dancer - "when you hear the music, my music, you will be transformed!". She to him:"In what way will I be transformed?" "You will be transformed into a...dancing flower!"
Your poppies have been transformed into...dancers!
vivien said…
thank you David! that's lovely :>)

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