sketchbook exchange update

a small fragment preview of my addition to Casey's book in the FPP sketchbook exchange

This is a fragment of my addition to Casey's sketchbook - theme: Local Colour. It is just about to be sent winging its way to Ronell in France. It already contains work by Casey, Nina, Glen and now me and it's getting fat :>) I had to extend the cover to fit the pages :>)


caseytoussaint said…
Oooh -ooh - Now this is getting really exciting! Sorry the cover was too small - it's ok to just cut it and I'll fix it up when it makes it's way home.
I've nominated you for 2 awards on my blog - please don't feel you have to participate if you don't have time!
That's looking jolly nice Vivien
vivien said…
Thank you Casey :>) - I'm off to look now

and Katherine
Gesa said…
these teasers are so good. i realised a while back that i won't get to see many of your entries irl - only the ones in mine and in your book. that's such a shame!
vivien said…
oops I answered this one on another comment of yours! I suggested it would be good to have a mathematician work out permutations of forwarding the books so that they travelled different routes and people were able to see more of each others work - but it's beyond my poor mathematical skills!

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