update on the FPP sketchbook exchange .... or under pressure .....

An update on the FPP sketchbook exchange - I now have Casey's book :>) as Glen finished her section in record time! ..... no pressure then :>0 <>

Casey started her book - theme Local Colour - with some lovely colourful sketches of people and market fruits, a real flavour of France :>) There is a beautiful fresh fluidity and freedom in the way she catches these and it's great to have them here to see in real life.

and Nina carried on with some beautiful observations of people in Stockholm, chatting, relaxing ...
Again such a strong use of pen, so assured, and then lovely loose floods of watercolour.

Lovely glimpses of local colour - and then this great landscape

Glen followed on strongly with watersoluble pens and a sketch of the flower shop opposite her fish shop with busy shoppers and buckets of flowers.

and I have to follow all this!

and Nina's book will be in the post to Ronell this week as I've virtually finished my pages :>)
with a total change of pace from the warmth of the poppies and sunsoaked scene from Nina's window, to cool ..........
.... but I can't tell you until Ronell receives it :>D
Nina here is an update on your cover - Glen added the tissue poppy at the bottom and I added the glittery one at the top :>D



Lisa Purcell said…
What a delight to be able to look into these sketchbooks. A great project you are doing with each other. I love the poppies added to the cover.
vivien said…
thanks Lisa :>)
Alison said…
Oh, wow, that does look a bit daunting to follow on - but it's good to be challenged.
vivien said…
challenging it was Lisa! but I've done my pages and it's flying off to Ronell :>)
vivien said…
ooops I meant Alison - sorry for that!
JafaBrit's Art said…
What a fun project and the work/drawings etc look fabulous.

Love the poppies too.

Haven't been for a while and lovely to see what you have been up to.

all the best
everybody is such great artists here...I love all the additions and the colours and lines..so anxious to hold it in hand!
vivien said…
Corinne - Hi :>D

and Ronell you'll love it!

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