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I'm going to be offline for a week so I thought I'd leave you with a challenge for anyone wanting to take part,

Look at the skies where you are and do a series of studies from life - different times of day, different weather. Really look at the colours. They don't have to be plein air - they could be simply out of the same window, looking at the changes.

Then leave links to your blog posts on skies in the comments section.

I hope some people feel like joining in :>) and look forward to seeing the results when I'm back online.


laura said…
Great idea, Vivienne. The sky is an ever-present, ever-changing and -fascinating subject.
I'm going to be away from my computer next week too ... so I'll try to take up your challenge.
Ann said…
Very cool challenge! I may have to take you up on that :)
I always do admire the way you paint skies.
Jeanette Jobson said…
Sounds like a great idea. Seeing yours all together here really make a statement too.

There's never a shortage of material here, that's for sure.

I'll see what I can come up with.
Tina Mammoser said…
oooh! I like that challenge. *goes to find pastels* I might do out my studio window. Weather changes will depend on, well, the weather.

See you on your return! I'll post a blog link later when I have something to show.
vivien said…
Laura, Ann, Jeanette and Tina - GREAT!!! I'm really pleased you are going to take part :>)
dinahmow said…
Yes, Vivien, I will play, too.
Christine said…
Vivien, this is a great idea! I do love the sky, but I do not pay enough attention to it. I think I will try this. Thank you for this wonderful idea and your inspiring blog. I just wanted to let you know I awarded you with the Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog! It is here: Congrats!
vivien said…
Dinah and Christien :>) great!
kim denise said…
sounds like fun! maybe I'll try it.
Sydney Harper said…
I can always use more practice with skies, I'll try to squeeze in a few too. With a little bit of luck I may be able to include some sunny skies too. :)
dinahmow said… few sky sketches are up.
It's the "Under One Sky" post,May 13.
laura said…
Well, the sky was not cooperating with me: mostly flat gray again this week ... but I'm going to extend the challenge to myself and keep my eye on the sky perpetually!
Here's my one sunny day (so far):
vivien said…
Christine - I forgot to say thank you for the award :>) blame the packing and organisation of going on holiday for my forgetfulness!

Kim and Sydney - great!

and I'll do a summary post in a while (giving people chance to participate) and list the links to the various blogs :>)
Jeanette Jobson said…
Here's the first one caught just before it clouded over entirely and rained.

I'd like to fit in a few more before the week is out.
Sydney Harper said…
My sky studies are up. Luckily there were actually changes on the day I chose.

I did these earlier but I had to go out of town and I'm just now getting them up. This was such a good exercise that I'm going to do this more often.
vivien said…
Thank you all for those links :>)

I'm posting a summary with all the links on 31st May so you've got time to do a few more if you want :>)
doug said…
oops - I sent the wrong link ..
vivien said…
Thanks for taking part Doug - I've added your link to my list, which will be published on 31st May

Your blog is really interesting - I'll read it more thoroughly later. (am dashing off to work)

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